Qualities of good quality gel nail polish:

Good gel polish stays on the nails for up to three weeks: it doesn't not chip, scratch or fade;

The palette of colours is very diverse: you can always choose a gel polish you like;

Gel polish is easy to apply and doesn't run or smudge when applied;

It feels very light on the nails and protects them from the aggressive effects of chemicals and from mechanical damage;

Gel polish doesn't have any strong odour and very rarely causes allergic reaction.

However, there are certain conditions when gel polish is not recommended to be used:

 • If you have weak and brittle nails, you first need to determine the cause and treat them;

 • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the gel product;

 • If you have any nail infections such as fungal infections etc. 


    Ask the supplier if their products have all the relevant cosmetic safety reports.

    Bandi gel polishes have been been tested and registered as cosmetic products and also as non-allergic cosmetic.


    Gel polish shelf life is 3 years.

    Usually, the gel polish with an earlier production date may not have a good brushing effect, and the texture will be thicker and harder, and it is not good for preservation.

    It is best to select the gel polish with a late production date.


    The color of the gel nail polish is the main reason we select it.
    The actual color and color card generally has color differences.

    Choose the gel polish with a small color difference.
    Also, check the gloss of the gel polish.


    The best gel nail polish should be of moderate consistency.

    Take out the brush from the bottle, if the gel polish is dripping too fast, meaning that the consistency is not high;

    if the nail polish is dripping too slowly, it will be too thick, not good to apply.
    Moderate dripping speed is the best.

  • 5. THE BRUSH

    The best gel nail polish brush has flexibility.

    You can use the brush to press the bottle mouth to try the flexibility.

    Beginners can choose a slim brush, which will be easier to apply evenly.


    The best gel nail polish can form an even coating layer on the nails and has some elasticity.

    Besides, it is highly pigmented to provide flawless coverage.
    And after curing it under the lamp, the finish is smooth, without shrinkage, bubbles, and wrinkles.

In addition to the above 6 tips, you can also smell the odor

The best gel nail polish uses environmentally friendly and healthy raw materials and has no irritating odor.

Choose only high-quality gel polishes!