Less, but better

Ultra Nature has eliminated unnecessary ingredients and contains only 10 essential ingredients for my nails. The aim is to maintain a healthy state by focusing on the essence, rather than exhausting the skin with excessive colors.

  • Long lasting

    Quick drying power that dries in just 3 minutes, even with a thick glossy finish. Over 6 days lasting power

  • Taping technique

    Adhesion without any gaps, as if applied with tape. Clump-free Application, as made with a DuPont round brush

  • Smooth cream texture

    Smooth and creamy texture with a soft and gentle mood


Vegan nail colors for nail rest period. Encouraging the natural beauty of the skin by removing unnecessary ingredients

  • Ultra Nature ⎜ Base Coat

    This is composed of 85% natural ingredients, primary plant-based ingredient 'nitrocellulose', providing adhesive properties. Green Base Coat provides long-lasting results.

  • Ultra Nature ⎜Top Coat

    This os composed of 86% natural ingredients, allowing for quick drying and a high-gloss color finish.


Quick dry / Long lasting / Non-clumping application / Smooth creamy texture

Windy Cozy Linen – The cool breeze gently blows, brushing the window with the touch of beige linen fabric

  • F802

  • F201

  • F202

  • F603

  • F206

  • F203

  • F204

Morning Flower – Under the warm morning sunshine, you gaze upon a meadow filled with vibrant flowers in cozy colors

  • SH101

  • F302

  • F301

  • F103

  • F601

  • F102

  • F602

Soft Earthy – The dazzling sunlight filtering through the gaps of green leaves under the shade of tree naturally invites relaxation and serenity

  • F303

  • F401

  • F403

  • F402

  • F205

  • F702

  • F701

Lake Garden – The abundant colors harmonize in a garden adorned with blooming tulips and roses, gently resting on the tranquil surface of the lake

  • F501

  • F502

  • F503

  • F504

  • F405

  • F404

  • F406

The Starry Night – The moonlight in the dark night sky and the shimmering reflections of the water twinkle softly

  • F801

  • F803

  • F902

  • F804

  • F805

  • F903

  • F901