3 second moisturizing skin coat to prevent extreme drying

1. Improves dry skin with high moisturizing skin care

Nordic Deer was inspired by Eskimos’ moisturizing secrets that had to cope with harsh winds and severe cold

2. Rich formulation & Quick absorption

Dense, highly concentrated cream adheres to the skin, filling moisture between curves, absorbs quickly without stickiness, forming a moisturizing, glossy coating film

3. Recovery Hand therapy

Moisturizing ingredients create a protective membrane on the skin, while natural-derived oils fortify the barrier, preventing moisture loss

4. Long Lasting HAND CARE

Shea butter and jojoba seed oil, the 'Treasures of Africa,' swiftly deliver abundant moisture, nourishment, and create a transparent barrier to retain optimal hand hydration


Moisturizing that does not dry out from head to toe, Nordic Deer Muiti Oil that wraps the body with unforgettable fragrance

1. Glow & Moisturizing for dry and rough skin

Nordic Deer, designed for extremely dry skin exposed to harsh winds and cold, offers a Multi Oil solution for head-to-toe care

2. Rich nutrition with 7 plant-derived oil ingredients

It creates a nourishing skin barrier on dry areas, combining 7 plant-derived oils to prevent skin dryness, balance oil and moisture, and deliver rich nutrition for silky-smooth skin texture.

3. Refreshing oil texture without stickiness

It minimizes oil stickiness, ensuring quick absorption without the oily residue, delivering deep moisturization internally and a glossy texture externally. Its lightweight formula is versatile, suitable for use on the face, body, and hair

4. Fragrant oil as if perfumed

The musky and comforting powder fragrance envelops the tired body and mind, delivering a soothing and refreshing aromatic therapeutic experience

How to use Nordic Deer Multi Oil for moisty skin

  • Body & Face

    Apply it on dry skin at the last step of treatment

  • Hair

    It can be used as hair essence for dry hair

  • Massage

    Use it as massage oil for nail/pedi spa

  • Layering

    Mix this oil with other cosmetics such as cream or foundation for dry skin


Softly melted on dry skin in 1 second

1. Keratin care + moisturizing at once

Make your hands soft and moisty. Triple care with natural moisturizing factors, urea and shea butter.

2. Soft and light melting balm

The texture of the melting balm that permeates lightly melts into the skin and provides a refreshing finish while deeply moisturizing the skin. No more sticky balm!

3. Multi balm for moisturizing blind spots

A multiple balm that can be used anywhere that intensive moisturizing is required, such as dry and cracked elbows, heels, knees, and hands like a dry desert.