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You are part of Bandi, and we are inspired by your amazing nail art creations! Tag us on Instagram, and we'll feature your photo in our feed

To ensure we can see and share your post on our Instagram, please follow these recommendations:

  1. Be sure to tag our Instagram account so we can notice your post: @bandi_nails_usa
  2. Use the following hashtags: #bandi #bandiusa #gelique #bandigel #bandigelpolishes #bandiproducts
  3. Photos should be of high quality, well-lit, bright, and attractive.
  4. Mention @bandi_nails_usa in the caption and specify the color used, for example, #bandigelflashpink or #bandigelbp134, as followers often inquire about the color after seeing the posts.
  5. Photos should showcase clean, well-maintained cuticles free of blood and cuticle oil.

With love, the Bandi USA team ❤️